Thursday, 27 September 2007

Stanford Corey, prospector

An article titled "Stanford Corey, First to Discover Pitt Lake Glacier," by A.C (Fred) Rogers published in BC Historical News, Winter 2003, tells a story about prospector Stanford Corey, "who traveled through the trackless wilderness into the headwaters of the Pitt and Stave River country in 1899." The article quotes extensively from an interview with Corey (then 77 years of age) by Lawrence Donovan published in the Vancouver Sun of 28 August 1926.

Stanford Corey reportedly "was the first one to blaze a trail from the head of Pitt Lake to Howe Sound and Squamish in 1900 while on his own four months in the trackless wilderness." At the end of Fred Rogers's article is a mention of Slumach, but those are Rogers's words and not those published in 1926.
To read the article click BC Historical News Winter 2003 and go to page 6.
Stanford Corey was born about 1853 in New Brunswick. He died in March 1932 in Vancouver, BC.

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