Saturday, 10 November 2007

Menzies Island?

On page 47 of Slumach’s Gold, in search of a legend (2007) the authors suggest that Sheridan Hill was in the early days called Menzies Island. The source of that information is a 1961 article in the British Columbian by journalist Syd Orpwood. He refers to “A yellowing old topographic chart of the Pitt River area…made from surveys undertaken in 1875, [that] shows the large rocky outcropping was at that time known as Menzies Island.”

The year of 1875 and the words "yellowing" and "old" are misleading. Survey charts always show the dates of previous surveys and this is clearly a recent chart.
This should put the misnomer to bed. "Sheridan Hills" (plural) is the name shown on the maps made by Captain George Richards and the officers by H.M.'s surveying ship "Plumper" in 1859-1860.

The origin of the misunderstanding? In 1900 Henry William Menzies, who worked for the CPR purchased land on Sheridan Hill, to raise his family there. It came to be referred to as "Menzies Mountain."

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