Friday, 11 July 2008

"Having lost most of his toes..."

Suggestions that in 1926 Volcanic Brown cut off more than one toe are exagerated.

The British Columbian of 22 October 1926 reported that Brown's left foot was "badly frozen" and that he had "...amputated the small toe of his left foot with a hunting knife." There is no evidence that he lost more than just that one toe and, after healing, the loss of that single toe would not have interfered with his activities.

The Columbian also tells us that "Brown refused to go to the hospital and insisted on registering at the Holbrook Hotel, his 'hang-out' while in the city." The journalist obviously was close enough to Brown to report the facts. His source may have been Constable Elliott who accompanied Brown on his return to New Westminster and "...who showed evidence of having been through a tough struggle. He had not shaved for a week."

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