Sunday, 25 January 2009

The Road to Stu Brown's Gold?

In April of 1986, Stu Brown disclosed in a private conversation with Don Waite the location of his fabulous gold discovery. It is not certain if Stu Brown really gave his secret away, but it seemed plausible enough for Don to sketch the above map from memory immediately after the conversation, just to make sure that he wouldn't forget what Stu Brown had told him.

The map shows the location of a "deep sink hole" that "has gold," two-and-a-half hours walking from the Terrarosa Glacier. The sink hole. according to what Don was told, is visible from the air (yellow in colour). He was also told that going up Sloquet Creek is just too hard. There are reports that the location is covered under some 25 feet of snow most of the year. Late July or early August offer the best chances.

Warning: From everything anybody's ever said, it's pretty dangerous country out there even for experienced hikers and climbers.

Click here and look for "Stu Brown's correspondence" to read his letters about this find. A copy of Don Waite's sketch map and notes are also there.

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