Sunday, 17 May 2009

Lost Mine of Pitt Lake Society meets at Katzie

On this sunny day Cyril Pierre and his relatives and friends at Katzie hosted fellow members of the legendary Lost Mine of Pitt Lake Society. A great feast was offered with freshly caught salmon and bannock as main dishes. A warm thank you goes to all our hosts and the expert cooks!

It was a great day to renew our friendship and continue our discussions that started in January. We learned about efforts made in the Katzie community to commemorate Slumach freed from the legends that obscure his real self. A monument is planned at Katzie for this much maligned man and research is done how otherwise to right the wrongs done to this victim of the early colonial laws and legal system.

The photograph shows us in front of the Swan-e-set Longhouse. Klick on the image for an enlargement. Click here for more photos.

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