Saturday, 2 April 2011

First Meeting of the "Lost Mine of Pitt Lake Society."

Donald Waite sent me the following:
Did you know that in April 1987 the inaugural meeting of the 'Lost Mine of Pitt Lake Society' took place at the residence of Don Waite at #311 - 11933 - 223 St (Garibaldi Apartments)? A big 24" x 30" sign was posted on the main entrance welcoming everyone. About 8 to 10 people attended. Here's who I can remember:
  • Danny Scooch, died of stomach cancer
  • Vic Loffler, died of stomach cancer
  • Two fellows from Hope area
  • Len Werner - geologist
  • Mike Boileau
  • Bob Nicholson
I can't think of any others.
Loffler brought some topographical maps and a 3D magnifier.
It was an interesting evening.

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tanya harahuc said...

Dany Scooch was my great uncle, and a great miner he is missed. If anyone has stories they can share that would be awesome :)