Wednesday, 29 October 2014

“Lost Mine” found at the headwaters of Pitt River in 1933?

In the Annual Report of the Minister of Mines of BC for the year ending 31st December we read the following on page A-245. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Thanks Roger Kennedy who referred us to this.
There are no 1933 or 1934 newspaper articles about prospects in the Upper Pitt River and so we will never know who spread those rumours that seem to be believable enough to be mentioned in the Minister’s report. It could not have been Volcanic Brown. He died in 1930/1931. 

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Roger Kennedy said...

Thanks for the honourable mention, I grew up in Richmond and also heard the stories as an impressionable kid. It has always stuck in my mind, I have in the past been a contract prospector in the province of B.C. Keep up the good work, Canadians have a rich and vibrant history that is often ignored!

Roger Kennedy