Monday, 17 July 2017

Slumach’s Lost Gold Mine has been found

QuinanBear, a member of the Canadian Gold Prospecting Forum claims that he has found the location of the famous gold. Click here to read the correspondence. 

Noteworthy comment from one of the members of the Lost Pitt Lake Mine Society.
That forum has always been full of beauty... man oh man... it never ends on that forum... just a bunch of internet weirdos sitting in a basement obsessing over childish stories trying to live out their "great outdoorsmen" dreams... Entertaining to say the least, but sad also as it represents a large amount of our population...may they rest in peace if their ever set forth outside of their home....

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david_muise said...

When I arrived at the large tent shaped rock I found it had a pile of stones placed on top of it. these stones were independently chosen and placed in a way to mimic the cliff that is just west of the rock. on the cliff there is a rock that only lights up in the early morning sun. I hope you buy my book once it is published, It will be called "The lost Slumach gold mine revisited".