Thursday, 25 January 2018

Wild Duck Inn map

What happened to the large map of Pitt River and Pitt Lake mounted on the wall behind the bar in Port Coquitlam's Wild Duck Inn? Some thought that it had been painted on a wall and was  therefore lost but a an article with a photo showing the framed map up mentioned that it and other items were up for sale in 2000.
The map was NOT painted on a wall but on sheets of fibreboard and we now know that it was purchased at the final auction at the Wild Duck Inn by of a long-time frequent visitor to the pub -- now a resident of Whonnock. As the attached pictures show the map is in excellent condition. Space did not allow taking a frontal picture of the entire map -- that has to wait until this summer.
According to the present owner the map was hidden behind behind some other images in the last year.  Click on images to enlarge.

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