Thursday, 24 May 2007

Daily Columbian second half 1890 missing!

My search for the original articles about the murder, the search, the arrest, and the conviction in the Daily Columbian was not successful. The microfilm for the period from June to December 1890 is missing—no one has the July to December Columbian on film.

Fortunately, bound originals (the only surviving ones known) were found to be in the custody of the New Westminster Public Library. They are in a poor condition and the library believed that the volume should not be used at all. Experts have now examined the print copy and determined it can be filmed. The libraries are working on organizing the financing of the filming. Hopefully the missing months will soon become available for researchers.

For now I have used for my transcripts on the site the same articles published in the Weekly Columbian rather then the Daily Columbian, and where missing in the weekly, the transcriptions in the Native Voice of July 1959 (the usual source for quotations by authors writing on the subject).

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