Monday, 21 May 2007

Slumach in 1879 census?

RG 10 Census, Yale to Coquitlam 08397 -- Indian Census 1879 -- Yale tribes through Coquitlam; Indian Names, number of dependents. population etc.

Katzie Tribe –Pitt River Village on Pitt River, 30 December, 1878.

Population – 7 Total: 7 Adults. No Youth, No Children.
5 Males and 2 Females.
Livestock – (none listed)
Farm implements – (none listed)
Tsa mem.kwah (Chief) --- Male 1 Female 1
Slum.ook --- Male 1 --- Male 1
Skwul.skay.nim Charlie --- Male 1
Stul.lah --- Male 1 Female 1

Pitt River Village at the south end of the Stave Lake is hardly populated in the winter of 1878. Slum.ook may be Slumach. A brother’s name recorded as Smum-qua (Aunt Mandy interview) and S’Mamqua (Jason Allard interview) can’t be reconciled with the names of those living in the this village, or the names listed for "Ko.kwit.lam Villlages" or the "Katzie Village."

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