Saturday, 18 March 2017

Guytos [?]

“But he [Walter Jackson] fell sick, and being about to die, bethought him of Andrew Hall, who had grubstaked him at Guytos [?] many years before.” That is a quote from an interview with Wilbur Armstrong back in 1915. Click here to read the article. Where was that place Guytos? 

Guytos is possibly, as Brian Antonson suggests, a misspelling of Guyots. He found a Guyots Glacier in Alaska that flows south of Guyot Hills into Icy Bay. Not much mining activities in that area. 

It is perhaps more likely that “Guytos” refers to Guyot Hill in Colorado an area that saw plenty of prospecting and mining activity. 

Guyot Hill, Teller County, Colorado 

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