Sunday, 1 July 2007

Slumach as seen by a Katzie today

From an article "Katzies share strong bond with land" by Rod Stott from the Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Times Website, updated 2004.
Slumach, a member the Katzie First Nation, is still revered today as an important teacher and advocate for conservation and protection of Katzie heritage. He is also renowned for his good fortune as a miner in the upper Pitt river, where he resided for most of his adult life. Rumours continue today of his lost fortune that remains somewhere in the upper Pitt River.
On page 61 of Jennes, The Faith of a Coast Salish Indian, I found a story of a "Timber-giant" that may be at the base of this modern interpretation.
A Katzie man named [sounds like sumah] obtained the guardian spirit; and although he never peformed at the winter dances, he acquired tremendous strength, He could spilt apart the two sprongs of an elk skill that ten youths, five pulling on each side, could not separate. etc