Tuesday, 27 July 2010

I found Slumach's Lost Gold Mine....on Vancouver Island

Rick Antonson, alerted through Google found the following conversation on the treasurenet forum starting with a message by Hmmm telling about his find and much more. Hmmm may have found gold, says Brian Antonson but he doubts that it could be Slumach's because it's "...an awful long paddle from Vancouver Island says he. Click here for the link and judge for yourself.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Back from Sasquatch Country

Evan and Adam are just back and already the pictures and a report are on clubtread telling us about their fabulous 12-day trek. They explored the north-west and south-east headwall of the Terrarosa Glacier, the Sloquet Valley, Stanford Creek, climbed all the Fire Mountain spires and the reconnoitred the upper and the lower reaches of Terrarosa Lake.
Adam writes: "12 days on the Terrarosa Glacier is as good as gold for me.."
Evan: "It was a heck of a trip. but we didn't find any gold. What we did find was some of the most beautiful country anywhere in the world and that was worth more then anything to me."
Although both Evan and Adam deny finding any gold, it's clear that if they have found anything, they'd rather not tell us.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Authors of Mission

The Fraser Valley Regional Library in Mission BC has invited the authors of Slumach's Gold to be part of their celebration of the Authors of Mission. Brian Antonson has accepted the invitation also on behalf of his co-authors Mary Trainer and Rick Antonson. The event is scheduled for October 23. Details to follow!