Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Lennartz Rescue

Lennartz Rescue 2010

From a anonymous admirer

Twas dat lure of duh Slumach’s Gold

Dat made ol’ Lennartz so Mighty and Bold

A Mighty and Fearless Survival Instructor was HIS claim

As he headed out in search of riches and fame

Up the mountain to where he had been BEFORE

But das fear set in AN-DUH he couldn’t go anymore

Complaining and whining, “Mine feet’s is so sore

I is so scared and just can’t go on anymore”

”I are wet and tired and so very very cold

I can’t remember what I should have NO-DUH “

” HELP ME!! – HELP ME!! “; The Rescue call went out

Indiana Lennartz AGAIN needed help to get out 

Search and Rescue helicopters came in just like before

In 2008 when das wilderness man’s feet’s GOT-DUH sore

Visions of riches and fame may have danced in his head

But the CRAZY ol’ bugger should have just stayed in bed

Monday, 13 September 2010

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Meet Brian Antonson!

Authors Celebration
Saturday, Oct 23rd
Celebrate creative words and the wizards who write them - authors! The Mission Library invites you to meet our talented Mission writers. All are welcome to this free event.
Brian Antonson, co-author Slumach's Gold, will be one of the authors celebrated at this event. Entrance is free. Grab your chance to rub shoulders with celebrity! 

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

You can not miss it!

I found the Tent shaped rock just about were everybody said it would be: just north of the head of Pitt Lake. Probably a two or three day walk, just like  Jackson describes it in his letter. So exact that I am surprised that no one has discovered it before. It is a huge rock about the size of a smaller home standing all by itself in a field of rubble that must have been a landslide long ago. The area now is covered with vegetation on top of the loose boulders making it a very hazardous climb to the tent shaped rock. I can see why Jackson would have picked this rock. You simply can't miss it. I know people always say that but you can not miss this if you are in the right area. (The discoverer, a veteran in the field, prefers to remain anonymous until he has had a chance to do some more exploratory work in the area. )