Wednesday, 9 November 2016

T W Paterson -- The Pitt River literally sparked my career ...

Tom Paterson
"This is the river that literally sparked my career as a writer of provincial history. Ironically, thanks to an American television [Bill Burud's] program about a lost mine, the famous — infamous — Lost Creek Mine of the murdering, bluebeard Sumach  It’s without doubt B.C.’s best-known legend of a lost mine with its attendant tales of a jinx and scores of prospectors gone missing in the snow and icebound reaches of the upper Pitt River." 

That is what TW  Paterson writes in a recent article in the Cowichan Valley Citizen. Click here to read the article. 
For half a century T W Paterson's been writing about British Columbia history. Click here to find his writings on the Pitt Lake Gold legend. 
Here is the link to T W Paterson's own Web site.