Friday, 31 December 2010

Prospectors Meeting

Adam snapped  some pictures at a  get together last week with Greg, Daryl, and a couple of their friends. They met to talk about gold and treasure and showed their harvest of 2010--evidence it seems  that there is gold up there and not just a little. Click here to see the pictures. 

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Terrarosa Glacier 12-day Expedition

Click here for a day-by-day video record  of the 2010 expedition into the Terrarosa Glacier area, home of the beautiful Fire Spire peaks and legends of lost gold.  The area is as beautiful as it is mysterious.
Full trip: Evan (Sydney, Australia),  Kevin (Rosedale, BC),  Adam (Agassiz, BC).
Day support by Kerry (Chilliwack, BC)
Three day support Ron (Chilliwack, BC)

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Lennartz 2010 moved to Web site

Recent posts about Lennartz's 2010 expedition and also Rob Nicholson's "defence" writing have now been combined in a pdf file on the Slumach Web site. Click here to have a look.

Friday, 10 December 2010

More explorations in Them Thar Hills

From Daryl Friesen come two interesting videos about his 2010 explorations in the wild country in company of persons known or unknown, It seems that he hit paydirt! Click on the titles to go to the links: Seekers 2010 and Secret Diggings

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Terrarosa Videos

Adam and Evan put together the following two videos of their 2010 Terrarosa expedition. Writes Adam: "This is what a Terrarosa Expedition is supposed to look like...rather than playing in the lowlands and bush [and] then getting [too] tired to walk out." Click on the following links to see the videos.
Part 1 -- Terrarosa Glacier Expedition; The Fire Spires
Part 2 -- The Lost Gold Mine

Sunday, 5 December 2010


Google "Slumach" on the Web site and you'll find a posting dated 11 November offering for sale Liberty - Canada's Young Family Magazine of July 1956" Containing an article with the title ... "The Gold Mine Murders of Nine British Columbian Women - John Slumach, a full -blooded Salish Indian, was hung for the crimes." 
The asking price for the old magazine is $149.95 CDN. For one moment I thought to have found something new though the price was prohibitive. Fortunately the text of the article written by C.V. Tench is already part  of the collection. You can read the gruesome details when you click here

Saturday, 4 December 2010

G. Stuart Brown's Quest for the Lost Canyon

Rob Nicholson, Don Waite and Daryl Friesen kindly agreed to have letters they received from Stu Brown and the text of other letters Brown wrote combined in an e-book. Click here to read, download a print a copy for your own use.
If you have a letter or a copy of a letter missing from the collection please share and let me put it in the book as well.
A printed copy of this book found its way into the Terrarosa area, See photograph above.

Lennartz 2008 expedition report

Anton Lennartz's "Verluchtes Gold"  appeared on the Slumach Web site quite some time ago, Now, thanks to Rob Nicholson, a new chapter could be added, this one dealing with Tony's 2008 expedition and disputable rescue. Click here to read the German version or else click here for a translation in English. Note that the pictures are only on the German version. These stories and other references to his Canadian exploits are no longer available on Tony's own Web site.

Rick and Brian Antonson at COLES in Abbotsford