Tuesday, 26 March 2013

From an Australian Newspaper

Evan Howard will return to BC this summer to explore the Terrarosa Glacier area an beyond and to find the gold where it is. Next years expedition in Alaska with John Cantor will be an incredible challenge. The two are planning to start in Kotzebue, on the West Coast of Alaska, and finish on the northern slope at the Canadian border. The journey will be approximately 1,800 km and they will travel on skies. It has never been done before. Click on the image to read the cutting.

A Meeting of Brains and Brawns

Evan and John made a pitt stop in Abbotsford between Alaska and Australia and took the opportunity for a quick get together of those hungry for gold or just enjoying what else our golden mountains have to offer. Maps came on the table to find old tracks and to plan future exploits this summer. Videos an photos were shown of John and Evan's exploration in the frozen north and others showing the challenges of following Slumach's tracks. And then there was that wonderful turkey dinner to feed mind and body. Thanks for all that!
Click on the picture to have a closer look at the gathering of mountaineers and prospectors.