Thursday, 22 December 2011

Wikipedia update

I've rearranged and partly rewritten the text of the Wikipedia article "Pitt Lake's Lost Gold Mine" to improve readability. Please do visit the page (click here). Comments and suggestions for improvement most  welcome.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

July 16 Presentation pictures

JPG images of the Powerpoint presentation at the Maple Ridge library are now on the Slumach Web site. To reduce the size of the file it's presented in three parts. Click here and start looking!

Special Collection Vancouver Public Library

Good news. The Slumach research collection, properly catalogued, is now in the vault of Special Collections on the 7th floor of the Central Branch, 350 West Georgia. For most of us there is no need to go to VPL to do research since all these documents are also available in digital format on the Slumach Web site, but what if there is no Web site anymore? The move of the paper version of collection to Special Collections at VPL assures that the information remains available for interested researchers. Thanks to management and staff of VPL, and in particular Kate Rusell, assistant manager for accepting the collection.   Click here to see the description of the collection. The books, videos etc. that are part of the collection have not been catalogues yet. More boxes will be added to the four that are listed now.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

They found Gold ... but where?

Daryl presents a smorgasbord of discovery shots on his latest video "The Treasure of the Golden Mountains," that ends up in the Power House of Stave Dam with Beethoven sounding in the background. Click here!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

B. C. Prospectors

Welcome back in the digital world, Rob Nicholson. Yes, two years after closing his old Web site Nicholson is back with a great new one! Click here to go to the site and you'll read:
Welcome to B.C. Prospectors, the website dedicated to British Columbia's prospecting and mining history. In addition to historical references, intriguing legends and specialized mining reports, B.C. Prospectors also provides research and consulting services to independent parties.

Sunday, 4 December 2011


No idea who he is other than, as his profile says, he lives in Coquitlam, and his interests are focussed on environment and history. In his profile is a list of his blogs (more than two dozen) with some interesting information for instance: Pitt River, Upper Pitt River, Pitt Lake and more. Check it out!

Official Travel Now

Crom2000 (you know who that is) is rather upset about the use of his free video by Official Travel Now, presenting it as if it is one of their own. Click here to read or join the discussion. I see Exxotica Booty Girls presented by OTN as well. Indeed, not the right company for a serious treasure hunting report.

Friday, 2 December 2011


Yes, the Slumach and Pitt Lake's Lost Gold Mine articles in Wikipedia have been neglected for quite some time and a clean-up was overdue. That has been done now, including adding required in-line references. Have a look.
There is some doubt lingering about the "notability" of the articles but with the new references in place let's hope that they will not be removed.

      10 Deeember: The "notability" tag has now been removed from the Pitt Lake's Lost Gold Mine article but not yet from the Slumach article. "Notability" in the Wikipedia community means it should be verifiable: it should have reliable third-party sources and it should be "worthy of notice." 

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Slumach's Gold now an e-book!

Do you have an iPhone, iPod, or iPad? A computer, perhaps? Do you want to read that famous book Slumach's Gold: In Search of a Legend but find it hard to put your hands on a copy? You are in luck! The book is now available worldwide through Apple's iTunes. Click here for the link! 

Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Powers of Slumach

Joanne Peterson recently discovered--thanks-- that Wayne Suttles in his book Coast Salish Essays (p. 79) mentions that according to Old Peter Pierre, a Katzie man named [Slumach] had obtained a warrior spirit, a "timber giant," as his guardian spirit "and could therefore perform great feats of strength." Suttles refers to Diamond Jenness's The Faith of a Coast Salish Indian (p. 61) for that information.
Click here to read what was said about that on this blog in 2007.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Mike Collier's "Curse of the Lost Gold Mine" to be screened on Sunday November 6th

As part of Vancouver's 125th Anniversary, the City of Vancouver Archives will be celebrating our city's history with a screening of film and video from our latest acquisition, the records of Yaletown Productions, IncYaletown Productions is a Vancouver-based film production company that produced many works shot in Vancouver in the 1970s and 1980s, including tourism and documentary films about the city, Expo 86, and British Columbia.
Reservations only! WhenSunday November 6th, 2011 / Doors: 12:30 PM / Screening: 1:00 PM / Vancity Theatre at the Vancouver International Film Centre – 1181 Seymour Street (corner of Seymour and Davie)
For more click information click here

Monday, 10 October 2011

Fire Lake

Perhaps you'd like to visit the Web site of the B.C. Floatplane Association and look at the entry about Fire Lake. Click here. For more about Fire Mountain mining read Daphne Sleigh's book People of the Harrison.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Updates Web site

The following two additions, pending for some time, are now on the Web site:
William (Bill) F Cull 1928 - 2011
Lost Gold & Murdered Maids, Cavalier, July 1958.

Thank you Darren Gosselin <> Welcome Cary Blackburn

Farewell to my buddy Darren, a Slumach aficionado, who has been so generous with his time and knowledge helping us first to build and then to maintain the Slumach Web site. His work, family, and the presidency of the Ruskin Slo-Pitch just don't give him the leisure to work any longer as a Web designer. Thanks very much, Darren, for all you did!

Welcome to Carry Blackburn, president of Hurricane Web Design Ltd, who has agreed to do the maintenance for us from now on.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Congratulations to the new Knight of the Ibex Round Table

We’d like to welcome our new Knight of the Ibex Round table, Rick Antonson from Canada.
Rick is President & CEO of Tourism Vancouver and has been an ambassador for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic & Paralympic Winter games. Rick is the co-author of Slumach's Gold, In Search of a Legend and in 2008, he published his third book, To Timbuktu for a Haircut; A Journey Through West AfricaRick is regularly invited to speak all over the world on the topic of travel. His personal journeys have taken him on a four-by-four adventure with his wife Janice and a guide traveling from Lhasa, Tibet across the Himalayas to Kathmandu, Nepal. He has circumnavigated the northern hemisphere by train with his sons Brent and Sean over five trips which included North Korea. More recently he joined an expedition to the summit of Mount Ararat, and travelled to both Iraq and Iran. Rick’s passions include traveling, writing and baseball.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

John Clarke and Shel Neufeld

On top of Katzie Mountain Adam and Evan found an ascent note from 1971 and 1999 by John Clarke (shown here) and photographer Shel Neufeld. To  learn more about John Clarke here are two links: WIKI and WILDED. For more about Wild Art photographer Shel Neufeld and his work go here

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Expedition: Adam and Evan

Go here to see some stunning pictures and a read Evan's notes about their fabulous trek of last month.

Cavalier July 1958

CLICK HERE for the earlier posting about the magazine of July 1958 with the article "Lost Gold and Murdered Maids" by Thomas P. Kelley. The copy of the Cavalier of July 1958 arrived and the text will soon be available on the Web site. Shown here a second drawing illustrating the article. Don't forget to click on it to enjoy all the details. Do you see that knife?

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Sasquatch -- the sequel

Go here to read more about the hairy humanoid!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Jackson, Shotwell & Harrington

The first mention of Jackson (given name Walter) was by Wilbur Armstrong in 1915. The receiver of the letter was given as Andrew Hall. Armstrong was close to the creator of the Jackson letter and probably the author of the letter.
In 1925, Purkins revived the story--obviously still circulating among prospectors--using the name Shotwell for the author of the letter and the discoverer of the bonanza.
Not until 1939 did the story find it's way to the press again, this time with the name Jackson as the letter writer and the discover of the gold. His full name was now John Jackson rather than Walter Jackson. Shotwell (and some others) became the recipient of the letter and did or did not follow up on it, reportedly none with any success.
In 1973 Charles Miller introduced a man called Harrington to the legend as a companion to Shotwell. Coming out of the mountains they turned up at Ruskin in 1911 with a pouch of gold nuggets. The men proceeded to Seatlle where Shotwell died shortly after his arrival in the usual tradition of the legend.

Note: This Harrington not to be confused with Cog Harrington of Boston Bar who was born in 1913. Warning: There is no historical evidence that Jackson, Shotwell, Harrington, Hall, and any other players in the Jackson story ever existed. Believe at your own risk.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Report on Adam's and Evan's famous walk about

Adam's report on the legendary Harrison-Pitt trip is out. Click here to read and see it all.

Prosser diggings

A great video from Daryl Friesen. Click here.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Trek

Just a note to say that Adam and I got out from the trip yesterday and our two partners who turned back also got of safely on the 12th as planned. We are just starting to sort through the videos and pictures.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Is the sasquatch out there?

Reports about the sasquatch seem to go hand in hand with the quest for Pitt Lake gold. Click here to read an interesting story in The News (Maple Ridge) of today: an interview of Jason Ericson, a member of the Big Foot Field Research Organization. The illustration is by Arlet deVisser. 

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Daryl Friesen about William F. Cull

I had the pleasure of meeting William Cull at the Witch of Endor pub back in 1991 when I first really started tracking people down who had searched for the mine. He was very hesitant to share the location of the tent-shaped rock but I managed to get the general area. He was also the inspiration for something I wrote called "the prospectors philosophy." It's below as well as the line he said in our conversation that inspired this. Anyway, since he has passed away, I thought maybe someone would find this interesting. 
You see, we prospectors are a dying breed. The world doesn't function around us anymore like it used to back in the gold rush days. The people who care for you can't understand. What in the world would make you want to risk your life to look for gold? They don’t understand the dream, but in the old days everybody understood.
You didn’t have to worry about your wife leaving you or your friends scorning you because you wanted to find the gold. Everyone was doing it. Everyone dreamed of the day when they would be the one to strike it rich. For all it represented freedom, but what does it mean to people today? I’ll tell you, a big house and a nice car. People don’t see that prospecting is so much more than just finding the golden score. It’s not seen as a building block for freedom. It’s been twisted and messed up to the point of being stuck on a scratch-and-win ticket.That is what is left of the prospector’s dream in today’s world. All the people around you don’t understand, they can’t see the freedom and the hope it brings you when you chase the dream. They just think you’re dreaming, but we know the truth, don’t we? .
"The truth is: you’re living and they are the ones that are dreaming. Their search for the big car and the nice house. Ha! Illusions I tell you, brought onto their brainless minds by a media machine. How I wish I could chase after it still, but the fight’s over for me, lad. I’ve got a bad ticker, you see."

Saturday, 6 August 2011

William F. Cull In Don Waite's book The Fraser Valley Story

William F. Cull

Don Waite alerted us to this small obit in the Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows. Another early Pitt Lake Gold searcher gone. In his book The Fraser Valley Story Don wrote in 1988:
"…William F. Cull, a mailman from New Westminster, contacted me about the lost mine. He stated that he had become intrigued with the legend in the late 1950s from reading newspaper clippings and, as a result, had made several trips by helicopter into the remote wilderness. On one trip, Cull spent 10-12 days exploring and discovered a very weathered pick and shovel hidden in the crevice at the base of a tent-shaped rock, near the top of the divide between Pitt and Stave watersheds. Clearly visible on this rock was the letter ‘J.’ Cull concluded that the letter had been carved with the pick left by the original owner of the tools. Unfortunately, he had gone too early in the year and there was still ice on the creeks and several feet of snow on the higher elevations. Cull told me that he planned to charter a helicopter to go in again once the snow melted; he invited me along for the trip. In June 1975, my father and I were deposited beside the tent-shaped rock. Unfortunately the snow was still too deep and we found nothing. "

Friday, 5 August 2011

Brian and Rick signing books at Virgin YVR

The Antonsons were hard at work this Friday from 10:00 to 2:00 at Virgin Books at YVR selling and signing their bestselling Slumach's Gold (more than 8,500 copis sold!) and Rick's fabulous book To Timbuktu for a Haircut.
Click here to see more pictures!

From a poem by Peter Trower

Sunlight pulling up stakes
in late afternoon--
peeling back from the peaks--
letting shadows slat down
into the scree-shattered valleys
of old Slumach's broken land
where once he stalked wild as the cliff goats--
found the mine no man would strike again--
toted out the gold that fired a legend--
drank himself deranged in New Westminster--
took a white whore for his woman--
slew the man who sought his secret--
died with it in the Queen's gallows
leaving just his angry ghost to prowl
those devil's clubbed wastes luring
greedy unwary searchers to disaster


(From "On Pitt Lake Dike" in A Ship Called Destiny)

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Epic Trip

Daryl and I went in with Adam, Evan and his two friends today to Fire lake. Never realized what a long drive that is--almost four hours and over 200k each way. We have some great shots and moments already, so the blog will have some action in two weeks or so. It was an amazing day to sit overlooking Fire mountain and Fire lake and have the Terrarosa in the back ground. We will keep you posted when we hear news.

Monday, 1 August 2011

War on Terra! Going in and bringing it out!

Yes, it was a great evening, and a big thanks to Don and Tina for having us over...thats what this is all about, bringing everyone together, and sharing in the journey...Myself and Evan are lucky to have everyones support and help in research, and our trip that we take across the glaciers is all for everyone involved in this mystery, you may not be with us on the climb, but we bring you with us through all mountains and glaciers in our hearts and minds! Thanks!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

All present at the LMPL Society meeting

4th meeting of the Lost Mine of Pitt Lake Society

TINA and DON were the gracious hosts of the 4th meeting of the "Lost Mine of Pitt Lake Society" that met for the first time in 1987 at Don's. Many secrets were shared and approaches discussed by the members. Good advice from Willie to approach the gold walking backwards to avoid being destroyed by the curse. It will make stumbling on the gold so much easier. It seems likely now that someone in the group photo made by Don will find the bonanza shortly.
For snapshots of the proceedings click here.  Not visible on the pictures is all the wonderful food offered. It had to move to the margins once  serious map-reading started.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

A new picture (1958) of Slumach squandering his fortune

"When John Slumach got tired of a dame, he made her as hard to find as his phantom mine. Fortunately two buoyant babes, his victims Susan Jesner and Molly Tynan, in death stopped him before he made the town a no-woman's land!!!" Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Dowsing for Aurum and Argentum

My friend Dick sent me this map of the Sturgeon area dowsed by Mundy McRae, who died in 1987. Mundy was a renowned mineral dowser.
Au on the map is gold and silver Ag. Dick would like Mundy to be proven right and he'd like to hear about any findings in the marked areas. Click on the map to enlarge.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Northern Mysteries

In 2007 Daryl Friesen put a video on You Tube in which he and T.W.Patterson talk about the lost mine of Pitt Lake. It's fun to look at but the story is entirely fictional. Daryl says that the video was done by Northern Mysteries back in 2005.  Click here to have a look. Thanks to Claus for re-discovering it. Click on the picture to have a closer look. 

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Book signing at Virgin Books, Vancouver International Airport - August 5th.

Rick and Brian Antonson are doing another signing of Slumach's Gold !  
This time they're off to YVR...the VIRGIN BOOKS AND MUSIC store at the domestic terminal from 10:00 am-2:00 pm on Friday August 5th. The airport can now be easily reached by Canada parking, no driving!  
Rick will also be signing his other fabulous book To Timbuktu for a Haircut.  Commented one reviewer: "....this guy can write and this is a truly impressive travel essay." Another one commented:  "There are lots of fascinating and humorous moments in this man's travels to keep the reader at least occupied for a couple of nights intensive reading."

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Harrison to Squamish!

Evan and I [Adam] are departing on August 3rd for our 2011 expedition.
We plan to go across the Terrarosa Glacier to the Stave Glacier, up the Misty Icefields, snowcap, back down to the upper Pitt, then up the Mamquam to Squamish.
We have an option of exiting out at the Pitt River Hotsprings where a friend’s jet boat will pick us up (a pretty wicked ride), but we may push on further to exit out off the Mamquam.
This years trip will be 16 nights, 17 days that myself and Evan will be out for always looking out for the gold that we will bring back for you guys!  This years trip will be the third expedition, making the “Adam  and Evan's Terrarosa Trilogy” complete!

Click here for the story and pictures of their 2010 expedition. 

Mission Accomplished

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Golden Dreams

A cutting from the Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows News of Wednesday July 13th about the 1897 mini gold rush in from Pitt Lake to Harrison Lake. Click on image to enlarge. To read Williamson's  Diary click here.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Garry N. McIsaac

In the fall of 1983 a joint CKVU/Province team set out to find the Lost Creek Mine. A series of articles in The Province by Jon Ferry followed the team on their arduous trek. From the first article in the series:
Among with them was a man blessed with glittering gold mining expertise and psychic powers dating back at least a dozen years. He is Abbotsford prospector Gary McIsaac, who pinpointed what he believed to be the mine after examining aerial maps of the Pitt Mountain area. McIsaac, 40, also said he witnessed a vision of Slumach standing by the tent-shaped rock that marked his glory hole. “There was a cave, you could actually see an Indian standing by the cave and he had a tomahawk in his hand.” 
Why did we not hear from McIsaac since then? He died in September 2005 in a remote part of the Alaska. His greatest passion was gold mining. He would spend months at a time on the rugged coastline of Alaska prospecting for gold.  For his obituary go here.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Thomas Clive Atkinson

T. C. Atkinson, barrister and police magistrate, New Westminster, defended in the Slumach case. Click on the picture to read his obituary. The cutting is from the Victoria Colonist of 15 July 1897.
His brother-in-law, Frederick Robertson Glover was editor of the Columbian and City Clerk in New Westminster. After Thomas Atkinson Esq. died in 1897, his wife of ten years Mary Atkinson (Ellard) went to live with her sister Ada Glover and brother-inlaw Fredrick Glover who resided in New Westminster. (1901 census). The 1911 census shows that Fredrick and Ada had moved to Vancouver and he worked as a Manager for the railway and resided in Hastings Park. Mary never remarried and died in 1945 in Vancouver. (Information courtesy Ms. Atkinson) 

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Page Views

The blog now shows a counter (bottom of righthand column). There were more than 10,000 page views since the blog was born in May, 2009. Of those more than 6,000 were viewed in Canada followed by viewers in Germany (abt. 900), the US (abt,. 800), the Netherlands (abt. 700). There were also visitors from Australia, Russia, Belgium, the UK, South Korea and Switserland. I know, other Web sites get that traffic in a day or less, but's nice to know.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Nika memloose, mine memloose

As from 1941 newspaper articles reported that suspicious prospectors. unsuccessful in the hunt for the bonanza, said that the Lost Creek Mine was cursed and that the gold better be left alone. 
Not before 1951, sixty years after his death, the curse became known as “Slumach’s Curse" after an interview with Squamish Chief August Jack Khahtsahlano who also will have provided the Chinook words alleged spoken by Slumach. The chief added that Old Slumach's ghost guarded his mine and that it would be death to a white man to find it. 

Monday, 6 June 2011

Rick Antonson: Doctor of Laws, honoris causa

From Capilano University Newsroom
Rick Antonson is President & CEO of Tourism Vancouver, which represents more than 1,000 member businesses and is responsible for the market development of Metro Vancouver as a convention, incentive, and leisure travel destination. An accomplished writer, Mr. Antonson is co-author of Slumach’s Gold, In Search of a Legend. In 2008,Dundurn Publishing of Toronto published his third book, To Timbuktu for a Haircut; A Journey Through West Africa. He is invited to speak worldwide on the topic of travel and regularly comes to Capilano University to speak to its Tourism and Outdoor Recreation students.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Tony Revisited

I just found out that in October last year there was a lively discussion in Germany about Lennartz's failed expeditions in search of adventure (or gold) in our mountains on something called Omega Force Survival Group (Survival & Bushcraft). The correspondence is in German and too lengthy for a translation but click here to go there if  you are interested.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Interested in prospecting the Harrison?

No one has given us a better summary about the history of mining in the Harrison area than Daphne Sleigh in her book The People of the Harrison. A year or so ago I was gathering newspaper articles for research and publication when Adam P. showed me the chapter "Harrison Mines" that had escaped me.
The 1897 mining hysteria that hit the Harrison had its echo in the area between the Stave and and Kanaka Creek where dozens of "prospects" were registered as claims. John Williamson's 1897 Diary that I transcribed, annotated and published as one of my first Whonnock Notes, tells about these activities. 
The included registration stubs of the claims (only for the Stave and Whonnock area) show an approximate location for the claims and in most cases it will be a impossible to find where the prospectors--mostly inexperienced and with no capital for development--staked their claims. 
Some of those 1897 claims, however, continued to be worked and are mentioned in Charles Miller's The Golden Mountains. They are still a source of fascination for todays explorers and prospectors. 

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Talk at Maple Ridge Public Library

Slumach and the Pitt Lake Gold Mine
Saturday, Jul 16th
Award winning local historian Fred Braches will be talking about the history and legends surrounding Slumach and the Pitt Lake gold bonanza as well as the current efforts to find it using new discoveries from historic records.
Note: a little misunderstanding here. I've not discovered anything that could help you find the gold--but it would be  fun to see you at the talk! 

Friday, 27 May 2011

Volcanic Brown and ??

This picture from the holdings of the Maple Ridge Museum and Archives seems to show Volcanic Brown with an unknown couple. Does anyone know who those two are?

Added June 8: Rob Nicholson thinks that the woman could be Flora Averill as he remembers her face from an Averill family portrait. Her husband was a dentist in Grand Forks. I sent a message to the Grand Forks museum people asking if they could help solve the puzzle. fb

Added June 18: The photo may have been when Flora and George paid a visit to “Volcanic” Brown at his “Sunset” mine, Copper Mountain, in the Similkameen in which she had a financial interest. 

Monday, 23 May 2011

Transcripts of News Papers & Magazines

You'll find them all on the Slumach Web site: Newspaper 1800s, Newspaper 1900s and Publications 2000.
These transcripts are now available in a printed format with in addition the book reviews of Slumach's Gold, and a list of Slumach books and Videos.
Copies of the 125-page book have been donated to the New Westminster Public Library (Special Collections) and the New Westminster Archives (Irving House) and of course the Vancouver Public Library (Special Collections).
I'l gladly sell a copy of the ring-bound book to anyone interested at the printing cost ($15.00) plus mailing. Just send an e-mail to   or to my personal one if you have it.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Forbidden Fruit's forum guidelines do not permit topics that include prospecting, gold panning, etc. Unaware of the rules someone was "just curious" to get stories and advice from people who have been in the mountains north of Pitt Lake. Click here  The amusing discussion closes with the recommendation to  buy Slumach's Gold, In Search of a Legend.

Note: I think that ClubTread has removed the discussion from their site.  (Saturday 30 April)

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Murder on the Pitt River

Today's Maple Ridge News includes an article about the location of the murder of Louie Bee. Click on the image to read it.
It is "old news" for regular visitors to this blog but still...

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Few attempt it; even fewer complete it.

To all of you adventurers and prospectors experienced or not (Canadian or foreign):
Purchase Gerald M. Chicalo's enjoyable e-book The Fool's Gold Route--Squamish to Coquitlam BC You'll meet all our heroes from Slumach to the sasquatch. This is just a great read! Buy it for less than you pay for a tall latte at Starbuck's. Click here to purchase.
Note: Just discovered a video--same source similar content--for those who would never dream buying a latte anywhere or prefer the visual. Click here. Second on the list starting with the same picture of the cover. Still I prefer the written text.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

My God, it's a GOLDMINE!

The Antonson brothers - always on Slumach alert -came across a cinematographic jewel called Slumach's Gold $. Click here and enjoy Slumach's story at its briefest. It's item 4 on the list last time I looked.

Slumach Papers to Vancouver Public Library

The Slumach Papers (including books and DVDs) collected over the last few years will now be part of the holdings of Special Collections of the Vancouver Public Library. The photograph shows Assistant Manager Kate Russell and Fred Braches at the loading dock of the VPL where the records were delivered this morning. In the near future all these records will be accessible there to anyone researching Slumach and that elusive Eldorado. Of course, transcripts of almost everything in the collection remain available on <>

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Swan-e-set gathering

All have now been identified. Thanks all who helped.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

First Meeting of the "Lost Mine of Pitt Lake Society."

Donald Waite sent me the following:
Did you know that in April 1987 the inaugural meeting of the 'Lost Mine of Pitt Lake Society' took place at the residence of Don Waite at #311 - 11933 - 223 St (Garibaldi Apartments)? A big 24" x 30" sign was posted on the main entrance welcoming everyone. About 8 to 10 people attended. Here's who I can remember:
  • Danny Scooch, died of stomach cancer
  • Vic Loffler, died of stomach cancer
  • Two fellows from Hope area
  • Len Werner - geologist
  • Mike Boileau
  • Bob Nicholson
I can't think of any others.
Loffler brought some topographical maps and a 3D magnifier.
It was an interesting evening.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Could you help me find the names?

In May of 2009 a group of us came together in the Swan-e-set longhouse for a feast offered by Cyril Pierre and his relatives and friends. The event was recorded on this blog on 17 May 2009. Click here. For the sake of history it would be very interesting to record the names of all shown on the photograph.
Click on the picture to enlarge. Could you do me a favour and e-mail me a who-is-who as you remember it? Click here for the email address to use, or if you have my personal e-mail address please use that instead.  Thanks. 

Friday, 18 March 2011

Stir crazy!

Greg sent some pictures and a tale about exploring the Prosser mine.  Click here to go down with him into history.  They'll go back to pick up the rest of the gold. It was just too heavy.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Winter Prospecting in BC

From Daryl Friesen a fun video of winter prospecting and a lost gold canyon "somewhere in British Columbia." Don't miss it. Click here! 
Left: picture of the gold in the highbanker after an hour prospecting.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Alexander Koning--house, techno and techouse.

The catalogue of Alexander Koning's brand "Trancentral" includes a LP titled "Slumach's Ghost." Of course I had to add it to the Slumach collection and ordered a copy. No lyrics--just music described as "a mixture of house, techno and techouse." If you want to get an idea how that sounds just Google Alexander Koning and enjoy. Or click here

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Tillie Malcolm

Another picture from Factual Detective Stories of March 1942. This one said to be of a lady called "Maisie Livinski." The picture is later used by C.V. Tench for "Tillie Malcolm," one of the female victims in his Slumach drama.

Liberty, July 1956

In December I posted an item about the July 1956 issue of "Liberty" being offered for sale for only $150 less 5 cents. Click here to read it again.
The good news is that I have a photocopy of C.V. Tench's article "The gold mine murders..." thanks to the clippings folder at New Westminster Public Library.
The bad news is that the illustrations are completely washed out (see sample).
Pray, if you own or know anyone who has copy of that precious issue or just a better reproduction of page 33 of the article with these pictures will you let me know?

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Eric Grainger

In August 2008 I posted an item showing that C.V. Tench reused the picture he first claimed to be that of another person to be Slumach in a later article. He used that picture first in an article  under his own name in a pulp magazine called Factual Detective Stories of March 1942.  Click here to refresh your memory.
This evening, going through that same issue of the magazine I came across an article by a "Jack Lunter" about the murdered Macleod brothers titled "Hoodoo Gold." The author (probably C.V. Tench) claimed that the picture (shown here) is that of Charles Macleod. Of course this is also our own Constable Eric Grainger  from Tench's Slumach sagas.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Someone in Turkey has started a Facebook Community Page about Slumach and one about Slumach's Gold. The Slumach one contains information from Wikipedia. The Slumach's Gold one has no content yet. Is this guy serious or is it just a physhing expedition?

Monday, 28 February 2011

Addington Point - That's where it happened.

Following is a summary of the witness statements at the Inquisition, Disposition and Assizes, all of which can be found on the Web site under "Legal Records" and "Transcripts from Legal records." 

Seymour went in a canoe with Louie Bee from Lillooet Slough, the place where they were living since the end of the fishing season on Pitt River, to look at their sturgeon lines. They went from Lillooet Slough up about two miles, and finding the lines there without bait, they went a bit further along the shore to look for some dead salmon. Then they heard the rapport of a gun on the opposite (west) shore that is on the left hand side going upstream, and Louie Bee proposed to go across the river—about a quarter mile. Slumach appeared at “about the elbow of slough.” Note that Seymour calls Pitt River a “slough."
After the murder Seymour walked downriver and across the railway bridge to his camp. 

Measured from Alouette River, approximately two miles would have taken Seymour and Bee right to where Sheridan Hill is, and going up a short distance more they would have heard Slumach’s gunshot coming from Addington Point across at the elbow of Pitt River.

Said Aunt Mandy to Mike Collier in 1978:  “You know where Sturgeon Slough is? This point on the west side of Sturgeon Slough across the Pitt River, the corner before you turn north to the quarry, that’s where it happened, just a little west of the corner.”

Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Wandering Prospector

Daryl Friesen, who as always is looking for treasure, made a video titled The Wandering Prospector that brings back the warm days of summer rather than the icy glaciers. There is mystery out there and Daryl gives us that feeling throughout this production. Have a look by clicking HERE

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Pitt River country? Not the Fire Mountain area?

From Rob Nicholson this little piece in the Report of the Minister of Mines, 1933 in Victoria. Click on the picture to enlarge. Pitt River country and Fire Mountain: perhaps there were two discoveries, the Slumach/Jackson (Pitt River)  find and the Brown & Brown (Fire Mountain) find. Ahhh, sweet dreams. Thanks Rob.