Saturday, 16 July 2016

The Veterans

Mike, Daryl and Don, veteran hunters for the mysterious gold, know each other since ca. 1970. Don's publications about the Lost Mine are well-known but not so the writings of Mike and Daryl. Click here to read Mike's Forbidden Treasure  and here to read Daryl's Spindle Quest.

The Spoils of Prospecting?

Evan and Adam did not even show a handful of nuggets at the meeting but the car they drove raised the question: "did you find gold?" There was talk about something they discovered in the snow.

Lost Pitt Lake Mine Society

Members of the society and heir charming partners met recently at an undisclosed location to discuss progress in the search for the lost gold and to make plans for the next phase of our quest. Here a snapshot of some of the members. Click on the picture to enlarge.

Friday, 8 July 2016


The Jackson story was published in Wisconsin and not in the Pacific Northwest where the presumed prospector "Wilbur Armstrong” was said have lived with the original "Jackson letter” as his guide to discovery. 

From a well-known and real prospector the following interesting thoughts:
I have always believed that the Lost Dutchman's Mine legend was the father of the Lost Creek Mine of Pitt Lake legend...  
Have a look at the names of the two key players in the stories: 
JACob WALtz finder of Lost Dutchman's mine
WALter JACkson finder of the Lost Creek mine
Look close at the two names... and 
NUGGETS The size of  WAL NUTS in the letter by WAL TER JACKSON