Thursday, 28 April 2011

Forbidden Fruit's forum guidelines do not permit topics that include prospecting, gold panning, etc. Unaware of the rules someone was "just curious" to get stories and advice from people who have been in the mountains north of Pitt Lake. Click here  The amusing discussion closes with the recommendation to  buy Slumach's Gold, In Search of a Legend.

Note: I think that ClubTread has removed the discussion from their site.  (Saturday 30 April)

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Murder on the Pitt River

Today's Maple Ridge News includes an article about the location of the murder of Louie Bee. Click on the image to read it.
It is "old news" for regular visitors to this blog but still...

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Few attempt it; even fewer complete it.

To all of you adventurers and prospectors experienced or not (Canadian or foreign):
Purchase Gerald M. Chicalo's enjoyable e-book The Fool's Gold Route--Squamish to Coquitlam BC You'll meet all our heroes from Slumach to the sasquatch. This is just a great read! Buy it for less than you pay for a tall latte at Starbuck's. Click here to purchase.
Note: Just discovered a video--same source similar content--for those who would never dream buying a latte anywhere or prefer the visual. Click here. Second on the list starting with the same picture of the cover. Still I prefer the written text.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

My God, it's a GOLDMINE!

The Antonson brothers - always on Slumach alert -came across a cinematographic jewel called Slumach's Gold $. Click here and enjoy Slumach's story at its briefest. It's item 4 on the list last time I looked.

Slumach Papers to Vancouver Public Library

The Slumach Papers (including books and DVDs) collected over the last few years will now be part of the holdings of Special Collections of the Vancouver Public Library. The photograph shows Assistant Manager Kate Russell and Fred Braches at the loading dock of the VPL where the records were delivered this morning. In the near future all these records will be accessible there to anyone researching Slumach and that elusive Eldorado. Of course, transcripts of almost everything in the collection remain available on <>

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Swan-e-set gathering

All have now been identified. Thanks all who helped.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

First Meeting of the "Lost Mine of Pitt Lake Society."

Donald Waite sent me the following:
Did you know that in April 1987 the inaugural meeting of the 'Lost Mine of Pitt Lake Society' took place at the residence of Don Waite at #311 - 11933 - 223 St (Garibaldi Apartments)? A big 24" x 30" sign was posted on the main entrance welcoming everyone. About 8 to 10 people attended. Here's who I can remember:
  • Danny Scooch, died of stomach cancer
  • Vic Loffler, died of stomach cancer
  • Two fellows from Hope area
  • Len Werner - geologist
  • Mike Boileau
  • Bob Nicholson
I can't think of any others.
Loffler brought some topographical maps and a 3D magnifier.
It was an interesting evening.