Friday, 29 October 2010

Use and misuse of the back country

Quads may not be everyone's favourite toy to explore the back country but read THIS and be impressed. I was!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

there is gold in them thar hills!

This summer's exploring of the area behind Harrison Lake did produce some interesting quartz samples hacked straight from a vein in the rock face of the Terrarosa. Adam Palmer and Evan Howard allowed taking a picture of one of the most promising pieces but for obvious reasons they are not ready to tell where they found it until they have made a solid survey of this promising area next year. Hope springs eternal in the human breast...  Click on the picture for a closer look.

Brian Antonson at Mission

Today, at the Mission library authors from Mission presented many golden tales but none of their stories was as tall as what Brian Antonson had to tell. The picture shows Brian just minutes before he shared everything he knows about tent-shaped rocks and where to find the the gold! In the crowd were the faces of Donald, Sheena, Adam, Helmi and Fred. Sadly missed were Daryl and Greg and of course (as always) the enigmatic Rob Nicholson.

Friday, 22 October 2010

... a little stream...

A veteran explorer of the area, now beyond climbing mountains, sent me a map with the note: "I marked a little stream that I noticed came out from under ground and also disappeared under ground again..."
Click on map to enlarge and see the marked area. The creek is just west of Terrarosa Lake. Has anyone been there? Any ankle-deep gold?

Friday, 15 October 2010

A significant honour for Slumach's Gold

Alan Twigg’s latest book The Essentials: 150 Great BC Books and Authors (Ronsdale Press) identifies authors, such as Alice Munro, Earle Birney and Eric Nicol who have enjoyed outstanding careers but it also included numerous other authors and books that have played an important role in BC's history, and among these is Slumach's Gold
Last week Rick Antonson received a note from Alan Twigg saying “you're one of the 150, and 100 of them are deceased...".
Writes Rick: “..and sure enough there it is: "Rick Antonson et al" is the heading and then it has all three of our names (each of which is in the index as well, along with Slumach's Gold). Fred's website is referenced (but not given). He [Twigg] writes that while there are many books about 'gold' and British Columbia, "one of the most venerable is Slumach's Gold..." It is about the 1972 edition though he mentions the redone 2007 book too. Very nice.”