Sunday, 22 January 2012

B. C. Prospectors -- a site worth visiting.

A reminder to keep visiting the Nicholson family's  B.C. Prospectors Web site regularly. The producers are R.W. (Rob) Nicholson (the veteran) and the next generation of Nicholsons--Cathy, Cory, Scott and Stacie!
The site is growing and growing  and all kinds of treasures are hidden on those pages. Nice to explore al those veins!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Something interesting near Addington Point

Greg writes: "Looking back at the theory of  Louie Bee  being killed by Addington point the diggings that I found three weeks ago are within one km of this area. Not at all saying this is Slumach's gold mine but I am saying that prospecting was done very close to this point and not on the Sheridan hill side like most look at. Can't say the exact location only that it is very close to the X on the old post." 
Click here to see some pictures.