Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Missing Curse of the Frozen Gold?! 
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Who knows where that map is?

Wild Duck Inn - 1940
For many years there was a large map of Pitt Lake mounted on the wall behind the bar in Port Coquitlam's Wild Duck Inn. The map was perhaps four feet high and 12 or 16 feet long. 
Near the location of Widgeon Creek and Widgeon Lake, there was a circle of gold dust painted on it with wording something like "Slumach's Lost Gold Mine," identifying that area as the location of the lost hoard.  
The Wild Duck Inn was destroyed in 2008 as the new Pitt River Bridge was being built just north of it. We're wondering if the MAP survived and is perhaps in someone's basement. We'd love to see it, or even a picture of it, showing the supposed Slumach mine site. If you have a answer please comment on this posting or send an e-mail to
Eyewitness account: “I was there the day the Wild Duck Inn sold everything off including the stripper pole. The map was painted on the wall from my recollection, so it was torn down.”