Sunday, 24 June 2012

And now for something completely different

Route 66 Still Kicks. Driving America's Main Street is the title of the latest book by Rick Antonson, co-author of that famous book Slumach's Gold and author of the less known but fabulous book To Timbuktu for a Haircut.  Writes one reviewer: "Route 66 Still Kicks is an exhilarating, heartbreaking drive  down a forgotten road through unknown America. Author Rick Antonson and his travel nemesis, the inscrutable Peter, patiently journey 2,400 miles from Chicago to Los Angeles through eight states seeking (and finding) all the old parts that remain of Route 66." Warmly recommended. 
On Saturday, July 14, as from 11:00 in the morning Rick Antonson will be at Murdoch's Bookshoppe in Mission as Brian Murdoch puts it: " chat and sign copies of his book." Of course Murdoch has Route 66 Still Kicks in stock! 

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Bill Barlee

From Brian Antonson:
Bill Barlee passed away last Thursday, June 14 at the age of 80.
Bill was the guy who brought "Canada West Magazine" to life in the late 60s, and many books, including Gold Creeks and Ghost Towns.  Along the way, he was elected to government and was for a time Minister of Tourism.  His television show, "Gold Trails and Ghost Towns", was a nation-wide hit over many years.
And it was HIS recounting of the Slumach story in "Canada West Magazine" that sparked OUR interest in doing a more thorough rendering of the legend, which resulted in our 1972 version of Slumach's Gold. Our 2007 offering was dedicated to him, and to that interest he sparked in the tale being told well!
Here's a Wiki on him.

And an obituary from the Times Colonist. Click here.