Friday, 18 October 2013

Don Waite makes a new discovery

Don Waite, eagerly looking for information for his upcoming book on GOLD came across a new, so far not discovered article about Volcanic Brown and Slumach's gold from a 1992 issue of an in these parts little known magazine called The Yukon Reader. 
By now the collection of transcripts of articles about Slumach's gold available on the Slumach Web site is so complete that new finds are rare. The article is a good compilation of the material from other sources. A warm thank you to Don for sharing this with us and making the complete collection even completer!
Click here to read a transcript of the article.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Harrison to Whistler

The famous duo Adam (Agassiz) and Evan (Melbourne) has done is again this year. They crossed the mountains—this time not from Harrison to the head of Pitt Lake but from Harrison to Whistler. Three fellow mountain enthusiasts, Asher (Melbourne), Chris (Chilliwack), and Kelly (Chilliwack), went with them on their walk. 
No gold but absolute certainty now that, with the glaciers receding, Volcanic Brown’s remains will be exposed next year and also a bonanza beyond your wildest dreams.
Some famous (less nimble) collectors of mines, gold, myth and history joined the fearless climbers to look at their videos and photos and to hear their tall stories. Standing left to right:  Asher, Don, Greg, Adam, and Kelly. Sitting Chris, Evan, and Daryl.
Click here to see a fabulous selection of pictures from Adam’s collection.