Monday, 27 May 2013

Jackson? Shotwell?

Daryl was in San Francisco this past week searching for Sir Francais Drakes silver cache on Angel Island and he writes
While at the library downtown San Fran doing research I decided to see if I could find any record of Jackson or Shotwell. First off I can tell you Shotwell is from San Fran  -- it was a big family name. There is a Shotwell street.... But anyway, I found a W Jackson listed on a ship passanger list coming from Vancouver to San Fran in time frame he would have made his find.. Most people travelled by boat back then and his condition he would have. Also you know how the two names Shotwell and Jackson get mixed up in lost mine lore in the old newspaper clippings.. I found a W. J. Shotwell who died in 1928.. Could it be the same Shotwell?  Here are two pics of the listings.
Yes, could that be?