Friday, 27 May 2011

Volcanic Brown and ??

This picture from the holdings of the Maple Ridge Museum and Archives seems to show Volcanic Brown with an unknown couple. Does anyone know who those two are?

Added June 8: Rob Nicholson thinks that the woman could be Flora Averill as he remembers her face from an Averill family portrait. Her husband was a dentist in Grand Forks. I sent a message to the Grand Forks museum people asking if they could help solve the puzzle. fb

Added June 18: The photo may have been when Flora and George paid a visit to “Volcanic” Brown at his “Sunset” mine, Copper Mountain, in the Similkameen in which she had a financial interest. 

Monday, 23 May 2011

Transcripts of News Papers & Magazines

You'll find them all on the Slumach Web site: Newspaper 1800s, Newspaper 1900s and Publications 2000.
These transcripts are now available in a printed format with in addition the book reviews of Slumach's Gold, and a list of Slumach books and Videos.
Copies of the 125-page book have been donated to the New Westminster Public Library (Special Collections) and the New Westminster Archives (Irving House) and of course the Vancouver Public Library (Special Collections).
I'l gladly sell a copy of the ring-bound book to anyone interested at the printing cost ($15.00) plus mailing. Just send an e-mail to   or to my personal one if you have it.