Friday, 14 September 2018

SLUMACH'S GOLD on Global National at 5:30 this coming Sunday, September 16th.

On Sunday, Global National’s segment "Your Canada will include a brief interview with Brian and Rick Antonson talking about Slumach and the search for the legendary gold. Tune in at the 5:30pm Global National newscast. Warning “Your Canada” usually runs closer to 6pm at the end of the program. 

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Trip down memory lane

Donald Waite’s Kwant’stan (the Golden Ears), published in 1972, is a classic and one of the first two books telling stories about Slumach and the search for the legendary Pitt Lake gold.
Recently Len Pettit meticulously scanned Don’s book in high resolution. Click here to download Len’s handiwork.
The second book, published that same year 1972, was Slumach’s Gold by the Antonson brothers and Mary Trainer. 
Used copies of the first editions of both books are still offered on the Internet