Sunday, 15 May 2016

Victims of "The Curse"

Over time some magical numbers have turned up about the number of people who died or disappeared looking for that mysterious gold of Pitt Lake. Early newspapers mention around 20 victims. In reality only five people are known  to have died or disappeared looking for the treasure and whose names are duly reported by the press. 

1910 - George Blake (54) of Coquitlam and his son  George (20). They were crushed to death under a tree stump "4 miles beyond end of Pitt Lake, west side." The accident happened in May or June and their remains were recovered in October of that year. 

1932 -- Robert Allen "Volcanic" Brown (86) disappeared in an exceptionally heavy snowstorm.

1951 –  Prospector Alfred Gaspard (60) disappeared. 

1961 – Lewis Earl  Hagbo (49) a mechanical engineer from Bremerton, Washington, died of a heart attack "12 miles north of Widgeon Lake." He had a previous heart attack.